Style. Elegance. Customization

The Canadian electric boat company has been manufacturing electric boats since 1995. Outstanding design backed by Canadian craftsmanship makes these vessels unique.

“We have been building better and ethical ways to enjoy the water. We are constantly innovating through research and development. Technology and craftsmanship are the core of our company. We care deeply about the environment and sustainability. We have been leading the way in electric propulsion and will continue to do so.” Alexandre Mongeon, President of

The future is bright for our planet. We hope that you will join us in supporting the environment and a clean planet.

We see nature as something to be cherished and looked after. We also believe in the diversity of nature which is why we have never built the same boat twice. We customize each vessel uniquely to the specifications of our clients.

CEBC’s boats are fully customizable and the online platform is simple and easy to use.


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The Canadian Electric Boat Company invites you to enjoy the ideal relaxing boat trips, whether you are alone, with your family or with your friends. We are the pioneer of the electric boats technical and applicative advancement and proud of it.


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